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The game is played in a persistent world with many real time elements, meaning it keeps running even if you are not online. Other players (in ranking range) can always attack your fortress. If you are online at the time, you can help deal with the threat in full multiplayer mode. If not, your cannons and other automated defenses will keep it as safe as possible. You can also team up with allies and help protect each other. Plants grow regardless of whether you're playing or not. The very forest you've cleared away keeps growing back, providing much needed cover for an attacker.

As a tiny team of independent game developers, we need your support to maintain and develop this game. Improving the alliance/team aspect and multiplayer functionality is high on our list. We also want to add more enemies and some cooperative content. The game can be considered half done, but very stable and loads of fun already!


The year is 2235. Hundreds of millions of people are living packed together in enormous megacities. Being an ex-con, you're struggling with keeping or even finding a decent job.

Luckily there is now an exciting high risk, high pay alternative - illegal farming. Various plants, originally genetically modified to produce medicinal components, have escaped into the wild and some have even mutated further thanks to the abundant radiation. Most are actually suitable for medicinal purposes right off the stalk, others can be refined using simple kitchen chemistry. This is a serious concern for the medical corporations who have spent decades and put billions of dollars into genetic research, in order to produce and keep these plants secret in the first place. They certainly can't let people have access to cheaper medication!

In order to become a successful farmer, you must defend your plantation by turning it into a fortress; building walls, sentries and traps around it. Intruders come in many forms. Mutated beasts, addicted to the plants, want to eat them and can smell them from afar. Other bandit farmers are out to steal your harvest and destroy your business. Worst of all are the corporations. Well funded and totally ruthless, they won't hesitate to send in huge robots to take down your whole establishment and most preferably you too in the process.

It's a hard world, but the potential profits can be enormous. Will you be able to defend and expand your own Farm Fortress?

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  • An independently developed TD / Action / MMO / Farming hybrid gaming experience!
  • Skill based F2P (free to play), with no power purchases or money locked content.
  • Play in a globally persistent world as single player or seamlessly cooperatively.
  • Rise to the global top and stay there by building the most powerful fortress of this world!
  • Customizable with hats, hair, clothes and weapons. You can even import/pixel your own floor graphics.

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